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At TransWords we highly value the power of the word. Language does not only influence our view and perspectives on the world, it is also the key to communication and as such the very heart of society. Translating means crossing borders between cultures, building bridges between people and spreading knowledge for the greater good. If words carry the inherent possibility of reflecting new perspectives, then translating and copywriting should be about bringing your message and ideas across in a transparent way. As such, the key elements you will find at TransWords are linguistic proficiency, quality, efficiency and fluency. In short, we strive for the perfect word on the right spot!



In our globalising world, languages are becoming more important every single day. Needless to say that having your documents translated offers you more opportunities to reach a broader audience. Sometimes a translation is simply required. TransWords offers you 24/7 professional translating services from French, English and Slovene into Dutch.

  • Legal and finance: public administration, terms and conditions, annual reports, tenders, requirement specifications, annual balance sheets, ...

  • Science and environmental issues: analyses, monitoring and evaluation reports, audits, plans and projects, ... 

  • Marketing and communication: product description, press release, newsletters, marketing studies, flyers, job description, ...

  • Tourism, culture, entertainment: art and architecture, exhibitions, events, history, brochures, ...



Are you preparing or further developing your own business or project, but you could use a helping hand putting it black on white? TransWords puts your ideas on paper. After all, adequate communication to put your message across in a clear, unambiguous and positive way is vital to reach your target audience. Together we decide which approach is the most appropriate to achieve your goals and meet your needs.




If you have everything written down already, but you would like someone to proofread or edit your texts, then we would be more than happy to help you improve your material.


Revision & Proofreading


“J'ai pu constater son implication et sa motivation dans le travail effectué, ainsi que le sérieux et les qualités de management dont elle fait preuve. Son goût pour la traduction et l'énergie avec laquelle elle s'emploie à développer ses compétences laissent présager un succès certain dans sa future carrière. Je suis convaincue qu'elle vous donnera entière satisfaction, par ses qualités professionnelles aussi bien que par ses qualités personnelles, qui en font une personne avec laquelle il est facile et agréable de collaborer.”
“Marieke is a hard-working, adaptable and gifted person who is very much open to new ideas and challenges and with a very pleasant disposition. I would without any reservation recommend her.”









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