Professional Translating

Professional translating is crucial in many fields and requires not only linguistic proficiency but also expertise in the field and awareness of cultural differences. To ensure quality, fluency and transparency of content texts are translated by a professional translator into his or her mother tongue and revised by an external reviewer. At TransWords we offer translations from English, French and Slovene into Dutch in different fields of expertise. Please feel free to request a quote specifying your needs at

Environment & Sustainable development

Environmental issues and sustainable development are becoming more important every single day. Invasive exotic species, pesticides, climate change, renewable energy solutions, ... Environmental texts often come with very technical descriptions and scientific approaches that require a profound understanding of the content. We believe it is essential to contribute to a better and more conscious world and to help build environmental awareness for a more promising future.

Legal & Finance

Annual reports, balance sheets, public administration, requirements specifications, tenders, contracts, decrees, decisions, ... TransWords is specialised in legal translations and offers highly qualified and flawless translations. 

Marketing & Communication

Marketing is about convincing your target audience by words and ideas. Might it be for product descriptions, newsletters, marketing studies, documentation for press release, or advertisement... words matter! International companies often need translations of internal communication as well or translations of job descriptions. Feel free to contact us for all marketing and communication related documents.

Arts & Culture

Needless to say that words matter even more so in describing arts and culture. Architecture for instance has reached a point of endless creativity with new sustainable materials and technologies, that again require knowledge and insight to be able to translate the technical descriptions. Art however is a broad phenomenon including contemporary art exhibitions, dance performances, music, cultural events and readings. At Transwords we cover all your texts with the same passion for art as you.


It has never been more easy to cross borders and discover other worlds and cultures. Many of those places still unseen are most definitely worth being explored. Tourism not only helps building the local economy but it also broadens the mind of the visitor. We are all world citizens and we should understand and appreciate the beauty our planet has to offer. Having your texts on tourism translated is crucial for this sector.


Translating literature is a métier on its own. Having translated several novels, we can assure you that no connotation will pass unnoticed. Words trigger the imagination of the reader and offer him new understandings of the world surrounding us. Feel free to send us a first chapter for trial.

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